Legal Translations

tradução jurídica
traduções jurídicas
tradutor jurídico
At AP | PORTUGAL, legal translations are performed by highly experienced legal translators. Legal translation requires great terminological accuracy.

Legal translation of documents

legal translation of documents
We translate a variety of legal documents such as: contracts, Terms and Conditions, Reports, Powers of Attorney, Licensing Agreements, Patent Applications, among others.

AP | PORTUGAL, as a legal translation company with over 20 years of experience, only works with legal translators specialised in your project's specific legal area.

Don't let a bad translation have the final word!

"Thank you for the care you and your team put into the translation."

Kiera Graham

We provide a wide range of translation services:

Certified translation
Sworn translation
Official translation
Document translation

translation company certified to ISO 17100 standardstranslation agency certified by the ISO 18587 standard
As an ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certified translation company, we only work with official translators who are experienced in your project matter.

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