Creation of multilingual websites

criação de websites
criação de websites
criação de websites

Professional websites for companies with a global strategy

If you want your company or organisation to succeed in globalising your business, you need to create a professional website.

Despite the emergence of various content aggregation platforms, the website remains the most faithful online representation of your business. It's the building block of your brand where much of your digital marketing efforts are used.

Localisation of content on the website

The translation and adaptation of content taking into consideration the target audience and the language, social and cultural specifications of its market are indispensable to the digital strategy of your company or organisation. In other words, it is not just language translation.

There are many companies eager to globalise their business, and there are those among them who have already faced the need to globalise.

The localisation process goes through several phases and those moments are documented in the localisation maturity model. The study points out that most companies and organisations go through four maturity stages before reaching the sweet spot.

All in all, we are talking about five localisation maturity levels, and we should mention an important warning provided by the CSA (Common Sense Advisory, Inc.): 'Companies go through these levels at different speeds, often finding themselves more advanced in one aspect than in others. In other words, can an organisation may be at Level 3 when it comes to technology deployment, but at Level 2 in terms of process isolation?'

Think big, think globally.

"I want to thank you for your responsiveness, service and professionalism."

Michael Lash

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