Neural Voices

empresa tecnológica: neural voices
empresa tecnológica: neural voices
empresa tecnológica: neural voices

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If in the recent past the voices created by artificial intelligence sounded somewhat rudimentary and far from human, Artificial Intelligence has now developed technology that allows that voice to sound human.

The advantages of using a synthetic voice are obvious, the biggest of which is saving time. In the traditional production of an advertising video, it is difficult to get the advertiser, voice actor, project manager and post-production team together on the same day and same place to patiently change a word in the text to reach a certain market.

With the synthetic voice-over option, a brand or organisation can simply choose a voice they like, whether it's an existing voice or one created for that project, and then create thousands of alternatives of the same ad with a few clicks.

All in all, everyone wins in this situation: the actor, the brand or organisation and the language and technology solutions company.

Something must be made clear in this field of Artificial Intelligence: choosing synthetic voice-over should be seen as a complementary service to traditional voice-over and never as an opponent.

The choice will always depend on the goal of the brand, client or organisation.

Synthetic media doesn't have to be science fiction!

"Thank you very much for your quick and quality service!"

James L. Hayes

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