This is a summary of the Service Provision and Confidentiality Agreement regarding data protection aspects.

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When exercising its activity, AP | PORTUGAL often has access to extremely confidential information, related to documents, contacts, strategies, methods, products and services, as well as client data.

AP | PORTUGAL commits not to misuse any data it has access to for its own benefit and never to divulge them to third parties without formal consent from their legitimate owners.

AP | PORTUGAL adamantly recognises the obligation to respect professional secrecy. It will never use the data it has access to for any purpose other than to provide its services.

AP | PORTUGAL and all its employees are subject to confidentiality rules, according to the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard.

Contrary to common practices, in which your documents circulate via email, AP | PORTUGAL does not send attachments with confidential documents. The only email we work on is the one we receive from the client.

All information and documents sent by the client remain in our servers, within our advanced translation management system, which is only accessed by the collaborator designated to that specific job.

In this way, the translator, using the required security procedures, logs in with their personal username and password on our platform, having access only to the files they will translate/proofread.

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