Corporate Video Production

At AP | PORTUGAL, we harness cutting-edge video production technology to deliver corporate video solutions in a fraction of the traditional cost and time.

We blend state-of-the-art technology, avatars, and artificial intelligence to craft top-tier videos, eliminating the need for conventional filming. Our all-digital production process not only ensures quality but also minimizes your video's environmental impact.

Our methods encompass:
  • AI-Driven Video Creation (Conceptualization, Visuals);
  • Post-production and AI Fine-tuning (Scripting);
  • Synthetic Voice Narration;
  • Text-to-Video Technology;
  • Auto-Generated Subtitles.

Your video could look like this

Optimize your annual communication budget

and maximize your investment with the production of professional videos

for your projects

Why choose AP I PORTUGAL?

Save without compromising quality: Our AI-driven methodology enables the production of videos at an average cost of 5000 euros + VAT.

Supersonic delivery: The cost is reduced, and so is the production time. Don't wait for months for your video, our average delivery time is 25 days.

Reduced ecological footprint: Committed to sustainability, our digital production doesn't require physical filming, resulting in a significantly smaller ecological footprint.

What is our secret?

Only 10 videos per month!

The secret to our success: to guarantee unmatched quality and one-on-one attention, we cap our projects to just 10 a month.

Our methodology

Brainstorm: Brainstorming session with the client;
Script: Script presentation and validation by the client;
Production: Production of the first version of the video;
Revisions: Adapting the video based on client feedback;
Delivery: Delivery of the final version of the video.
*Video Specifications: MP4 format, up to 2 minutes in duration, exclusively for web, social media, and websites. Featuring synthetic voiceover in Portuguese or English.

Don't miss the opportunity and request your video now!

If you have any doubts about whether a video is the right investment, know that:
Video can increase a page's conversion rate in 80%
Including the word 'video' in the subject line of an email increases the open rate by 19%;
90% of customers say that videos help them make a purchasing decision;
80% of the world's online traffic is generated by video content.

Don't give up on the video you really want.

Choose a professional corporate video solution.

"Thank you very much for the high quality work, and it will be definitely our pleasure to collaborate again in the future."

Helen J. Simpson

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