Automated Subtitling: AI Captions

empresa tecnológica: legendagem automática
empresa tecnológica: legendagem automática
empresa tecnológica: legendagem automática

Automated video captioning

Video is the most widely used content format on websites and social media.

Several studies show that around 85% of people who watch videos on Facebook do so without sound, and Facebook's own research claims that adding captions to videos can increase viewing time by 12%.

It is therefore essential for our content to be as inclusive and complete as possible. This is why the great demand for machine subtitling is arising. By using Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to create faster and cheaper captions.

We recommend machine subtitling whenever you want to produce content in video or audio format through synthetic means.

Do you have any doubts? Don't worry. You can schedule a meeting with our team of consultants right now.

At AP | PORTUGAL, you can enjoy this service, with the guarantee of human quality control.

Synthetic media doesn't have to be science fiction!

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