Rental Space for events: on site events

empresa de eventos: espašo para eventos
empresa de eventos: espašo para eventos
empresa de eventos: espašo para eventos

Room for on-site events

face to face conference
We are talking about renting a venue for events, meetings, training, conferences, presentations, showrooms or celebrations held in a room and involving speakers, audience and organisers.

Unlike a hotel room, ARTIGA CENTER is fully amplified from scratch with all the audiovisual, Live Stream and remote interpretation equipment, so there is no need to waste time or resources in involving teams to set it up.

Up to a capacity of 75 people, you can choose the type of room that best suits your event.
ARTIGA CENTER is a venue that offers the possibility of selecting complementary solutions such as simultaneous interpretation, Portuguese sign language interpretation or the creation of customised websites.

Unlike a hotel room or party space, ARTIGA CENTER has a turnkey solution for you.

Life is an event. Make yours unique.

"The client was very happy and even though at times it wasn't the easiest you guys did an amazing job. We hope to get to work with you in the future again."

Lara Hyde

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