Zoom meetings and conferences

empresa de eventos: reuniões zoom
empresa de eventos: reuniões zoom
empresa de eventos: reuniões zoom

Official Partner - Video conferencing Solutions

events company: zoom meetings
We implement the most effective and economical Zoom conferencing solutions on the market. Without any complicated equipment. Immediate installation and ready to use on your smartphone or PC. Our video conferencing services are accompanied by a full training in remote working, so that your organisation and human resources are qualified to work in this new working model in a short period of time.
events company: zoom meetings
Video conferencing systems can be implemented in small, medium and large companies.

What we do

We define with organisations the specific needs of each company or institution and implement video conferencing systems to be used in permanent or temporary remote working contexts.

We manage and implement your events and conferences, and train your teams for remote working through management models, training and changes in professional habits.

Focus on your activity and don't worry about technology.

Remote working systems

Zoom Rooms' video conferencing solutions and remote working systems are easy to implement. The learning curve is almost non-existent. The audio and video quality is rated as one of the best internationally and works on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Zoom is ranked #1 in consumer satisfaction.

It just works.

Zoom solutions require no IT skills and can be used by everyone in your organisation.

events company: zoom meetings
events company: zoom meetings

Video conference

Use Zoom Rooms solutions for small or large business meetings.

Create your meeting rooms with simple-to-use video conferencing systems.

Download now the free data sheet for meeting rooms.

Events and conferences

Share your story and amplify your message!

Event organisers looking for ways to produce business fairs, specialised congresses, product presentations, sales activities and other online events may find Zoom to be the ideal partner. The Zoom integrated communications platform is a great alternative to streamline an event because it can connect speakers, sponsors, panellists and attendees - and replicate much of the on-site interaction - anywhere and on any device.

Learn the difference between a meeting and an online conference. You can also broadcast your online meetings and conferences on YouTube or live on Facebook. This allows participants to watch and comment on Facebook live.

Download now the free data sheet for online conferences.

events company: zoom meetings
events company: zoom meetings

Meeting rooms

Zoom Rooms is a solution for meeting room systems that easily integrates audiovisual equipment to create a streamlined and absolutely straightforward experience when using it. It allows all meeting participants to connect seamlessly via their computers, smartphones or tablets. Collaborative working becomes effective and the process of scheduling rooms, starting a meeting or sharing content has never been easier.

Zoom Rooms is a unique collaborative communication solution that is simple to purchase, implement and manage.

Your authorised Zoom partner

"The client was very happy and even though at times it wasn't the easiest you guys did an amazing job. We hope to get to work with you in the future again."

Lara Hyde

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