Quality control

Any project that comes through our doors is subject to a range of rigorous procedures at all stages aiming to ensure a high standard of quality.

Project Management

AP | PORTUGAL is managed by Mário Júnior, whose broad expertise in areas from translation and interpretation to project management and workforce management ensures that everything at AP|PORTUGAL runs smoothly. Mário Júnior is a member of:

Qualified Professionals

We work exclusively with qualified and experienced professionals to assure a thorough and quick response to our clients' demands and needs.

AP | PORTUGAL has a network of professionals in translation and other linguistic and scientific fields, with 500 associates at international level. This allows us to find the right professional for your project and allows us a rapid execution and completion of our projects.

Revision/ Editing

At AP | PORTUGAL, projects are only deemed completed once they have gone through the revision/editing process. It is only then that your project is satisfactory in terms of its quality and accuracy.

Although the revision process is already included in any project quote, it is also available for those who have had their project translated elsewhere. Revision involves checking to make sure that your project has been translated accurately (e.g. using correct terminology).

Quality Control

All the processes and stages of the projects undertaken by AP|PORTUGAL comply with a series of strict, audited procedures aiming to ensure the highest quality for all services that we provide to our clients. This precision is enhanced by the project manager, an essential element in communicating and following-up with each client, who supervises the different stages of each project.

Total Satisfaction System

This personalised after-sales service offers clients 20 days after the final work has been delivered to analyse and revise it. During this period you may request a new revision, correction or adaptation of the text. This is an AP|PORTUGAL exclusive service, whose main purpose is to offer the client complete security and protection, as well as increase our quality to the highest standard.

We don't just do, we content.

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