Simultaneous interpretation Services

tradução simultânea
tradução simultânea
tradução simultânea

Simultaneous Interpretation for events, Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Simultaneous interpretation in an on-site event

AP | PORTUGAL is an ISO 23155 certified a simultaneous interpretation company, specialised in translation and interpretation for events. This service requires a simultaneous interpretation team consisting of two conference interpreters, per language and per booth, who normally take turns every half hour. The interpreters work in a soundproofed simultaneous interpretation booth and listen, through headphones to the speaker's speech, delivered in the hall via a microphone. Almost simultaneously, they return the message to the listeners' receivers.

This system is the best practice for delivering a quality interpretation service. Listeners are provided with headphones so that they can select the channel to listen to the conference interpretation in the language of their choice.

Its aim is to establish communication between the speaker and the audience, passing the message from one language to another naturally and fluently, acquiring the speaker's speech, tone and beliefs, hence addressing in the first person.

Simultaneous interpretation can also be used in hybrid and virtual events through video conference simultaneous interpretation.
zoom simultaneous interpretation
girl using microsoft teams simultaneous interpretation
speaker in an event with real time translation

At our translation agency, a member of the Portuguese and International Associations of Translators and Translation Companies, the job of the professional conference or simultaneous interpreter is not to translate literally every word, but to convey the ideas they express, thus enabling them to communicate with each other.

After 20 years of experience, AP | PORTUGAL is the benchmark simultaneous interpretation company in Portugal, available in: Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Braga, Aveiro, Guimarães and Algarve. Our network of consultant interpreters also makes it possible to cover the whole of Portugal, including the islands.

Also thanks to our international partners, we are able to provide simultaneous translation, simultaneous interpretation and conference interpretation services anywhere in the world.

Don't let a bad translation have the final word!

"Please send a big 'obrigada' to the interpreters. They were great."

Amelia Peters

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