Live graphic editing for videoconferences and virtual events

edição gráfica ao vivo para videoconferências e eventos digitais
edição gráfica ao vivo para videoconferências e eventos digitais
edição gráfica ao vivo para videoconferências e eventos digitais
AP | PORTUGAL's solution to conduct and produce live sessions via livestream studio allows your event to have a customised presentation tailored to your needs, thus moving away from the monotony of Zoom and Teams videoconference backgrounds.

Events can take place on various platforms, such as Zoom, Teams or Meet, or via an external camera, but magic happens in the virtual regie, where all graphics are introduced simultaneously with the original broadcast. This enables your participants to follow post-production via live streaming, on your website or social media.

Through the on-air graphic operator solution for live stream events, it is possible to amplify your message to several digital platforms simultaneously and with high quality.

Features of live graphic editing for videoconferences and virtual events:

live video editing for videoconferences and digital events
  • Real-time video production software
  • Live stream graphic management and editing
  • Real-time editing and management with production
  • LIVE production via Digital Studio
  • Creation and treatment of graphic elements (Logos, Overlay, Video Clips, Backgrounds and Captions)
  • Launch of graphic elements (Logos, Overlay, Videos, Backgrounds and Captions)
  • Management of multidisciplinary digital regie
  • MC (Master of Ceremony) Supplements:
    • MC - with TV-like video presence
    • MC- in radio-like voice-over
    • MC - in AI

Make your event universal, tap into the power of social multi-streaming!

"I want to thank you for your responsiveness, service and professionalism."

Michael Lash

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