Interactio - Videoconference Platform

empresa tecnológica: interactio
empresa tecnológica: interactio
empresa tecnológica: interactio

Video Conference Tool

AP | PORTUGAL is an official Interactio partner.

Interactio is a multilingual videoconferencing platform certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 27001.

Whether it's a big event, a conference or a simple business meeting, you can count on Interactio.

You can take advantage of the video conferencing platform, the audio streaming app for your mobile phone, or you can integrate Interactio with external web conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Whatever configuration you want, Interactio allows you to have a multilingual event, through its certified interpreters.

What are the Interactio solutions?

Event panel
On this panel, event organisers can schedule meetings and tailor them to the needs of their audience. They can choose the date and time, the interpretation languages, invite participants, interpreters and moderators, and set up simultaneous rooms.

AV Console
Audiovisual technicians can use this console to control video and audio channels, monitor interpretation, talk to participants and interpreters, and broadcast the event to or from other platforms.

Moderator Console
The moderator console was created for hosts who meet on-site at the event. Moderators enter the event via this specific console, which allows them to control the meeting flow, rename participants, lower hands, mute or enable participants sound, and close the meeting.

Participant Console
All participants of Interactio events can use this console to listen to interpretation, communicate with other participants, share files, take part in polls or even speak.

Interpretation Console
Interactio's interpretation console is inspired by traditional interpretation consoles. Interpreters can select languages, adjust the volume, switch with their cabin colleague, interact with them via chat, and communicate with Interactio's technical support.

Listener app
Listener app is a solution developed for the clear broadcasting of interpretation audio.

Easy management
To manage an event on Interactio, all you need is a stable Internet connection. The platform's interface is very intuitive.

Security & Backup
With ISO 27001 certification, Interactio ensures the security of your event. The servers and backup options ensure that the broadcast of your event is not lost in the Internet.

Dedicated support

Interactio provides project managers and technicians dedicated to your needs.

Need help with your event? As a company specialized in event management, we can offer the full solution for your event.

Foque-se no seu negócio, nós focamo-nos na tecnologia.

"Thank you very much for the high quality work, and it will be definitely our pleasure to collaborate again in the future."

Helen J. Simpson

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