empresa tecnológica: interprefy
empresa tecnológica: interprefy
empresa tecnológica: interprefy
AP | PORTUGAL is an official Interprefy partner.
Interprefy is a remote interpreting platform designed for virtual and hybrid events.
Whether it's a major event, a simple business meeting, a press conference or even a seminar, using interpretation ensures that your message reaches several audiences anytime, anywhere.

This new AP | PORTUGAL partnership allows us to offer our clients three solutions capable of responding to their needs:

  • Gateway
  • Webmeet
  • Classroom

Gateway >> Interprefy allows you to enjoy a number of advantages with the freedom to choose any platform. The Gateway solution enables interpreting services for an event taking place on your own website or on an external online conference platform, such as GoToMeeting, ON24, WebEx, Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Meet and others.

The process is simple. You only have to select the event that will require remote interpreting; date and duration; the language pairs to be provided and how many devices - computers and/or smartphones - will be connected. That said, simply download the app.

Webmeet >> In case the event is not connected to any video conferencing platform or any other technological solution, the ideal solution is Webmeet - Interprefy's videoconferencing platform, which includes conference interpretation. Webmeet allows 10 simultaneous speakers and an audience of 1500 participants for an unlimited number of languages interpreted remotely.

Classroom >> Interprefy's ideal solution for protocol meetings that allows 300 delegates to attend the meeting - five speakers on screen simultaneously - and a maximum audience of 1500 people per language.

There is a practical side to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) that makes it an extremely valid option. In cases where it is not possible to use interpretation booths or on-site interpreters, remote interpretation allows the participants of an event, no matter how big or small, to listen to the interpretation using only laptops, smartphones, tablets or even traditional headsets.

Regarding Interprefy - whose free app is available on iOS, Android and via browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera - you practically only need a stable wi-fi network in order to hear the interpreter.

You focus on your business, we focus on technology.

"But thanks to you sharing your wisdom and insights, we made a start today."

Oscar Humphrey

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