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empresa de interpretação: interpretação jurídica
empresa de interpretação: interpretação jurídica
empresa de interpretação: interpretação jurídica
Legal interpretation usually takes place in courts (civil, criminal, etc.), but may also be necessary in police stations during questioning. In such cases, as for example in the examination of a witness, preference is almost always given to consecutive interpretation. However, when it comes to a trial, the process becomes much faster if simultaneous interpretation or translation is used, regardless of whether it is only serving the defendant or the entire audience attending the trial hearing.

When the defendant does not understand the language being spoken in court, they have the right to an interpreter specialised in legal interpretation, a right often established in the country's Constitution.

Legal document translation

AP | PORTUGAL, a simultaneous translation company with a translation agency in Lisbon and another one in Porto, provides professionals specialised in legal interpretation. In addition to their language skills, they are usually sworn interpreters and have legal knowledge. However, not all countries have a regulated profession as sworn interpreter. In that case, a list of such interpreters is usually provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

AP | PORTUGAL, as an ISO 17100 and 18587 legal translation company with over 20 years of experience, only works with legal translators specialised in your project's specific legal area.

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