Video Remote Interpreting

empresa de interpretação: interpretação à distância - VRI
empresa de interpretação: interpretação à distância - VRI
empresa de interpretação: interpretação à distância - VRI
Remote interpretation services are not exclusively used by companies for international meetings or congresses.

Remote interpretation can also support health professionals in hospitals and healthcare centres, as well as the Public Security Forces or the courts.
four people in a virtual meeting using remote interpretation
Discover our remote interpretation services, also known as VRI - Video Remote Interpreting or RSI - Remote Simultaneous Interpreting.
As a simultaneous translation company based in Lisbon and Porto, and as an information technology training entity, providing a unique experience, regardless of the languages required, anytime and anywhere, is of the utmost importance to us. AP | PORTUGAL provides you with over 150 qualified simultaneous translators and conference interpreters, through the following services: mobile, video and telephone.

So, in addition to on-site conference interpretation services, we offer our clients the following solutions:

Remote interpretation

video remote interpreting in a laptop

The most commonly requested service, remote interpretation works on the basis of an advanced video SaaS solution, enabling voice sessions, voice-video conferencing and collaboration between groups of people who do not speak the same language. No hardware needed, just internet connection and a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Remote interpretation services from your smartphone

Remote interpretation services with a smartphone

Access our remote interpretation services from your smartphone. Whether it's a technical visit to a factory, a hospital audit or a conference room with hundreds of people around you, all you need is a pair of headphones and a mobile phone to access our professional remote interpretation services.

Video interpretation

video interpretation in a tablet

There are situations where there is no substitute for visual communication. Our technology, also known as remote interpretation, gives you the ability to provide exceptional service through video conferencing in over 50 languages, including Portuguese sign language.
remote interpreting ISO 23155 certified

Don't leave room for second interpretations!

"The interpreter was fantastic and a giant help in that difficult situation. He is a very good reference."

Louise Johnston

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