Locdoc Conference

Locdoc is a conference developed by a team of internationally renowned consultants and experts specialised in the multilingual communication sector and communication technologies.

Localization Conference Series

At this conference you will learn how to transform language services, and traditional communication and marketing techniques, with the support of artificial intelligence.

Through this experience, you will discover that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can easily adapt their traditional services, towards a true digital transformation for you and your customers.

In this conference you will learn:

  • All about Multilingual Synthetic Content
  • How to transform traditional language services
  • How to become a video production company
  • How to sell multilingual synthetic content
  • Translation versus multilingual text adaptation for Artificial Intelligence
  • Copy writing and Content creation for artificial intelligence systems
  • Text recognition for voice and automatic voice-over systems
  • Supporting your customers with synthetic and human voice-over solutions
  • Applicability
  • Choosing the best artificial intelligence technologies for your business

This new and totally innovative format will allow you to transform this knowledge sharing moment into a personalised video, with your company brand, so that you can share it with your customers.

The time has come for the democratization of AI.

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